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Would you like to expand your business?

Do you need new spaces?

Would you like to invest in real estate?

Are you looking for a safe value?

Do you need to restore a building or a business place?

Are you looking for integrity and professionalism?
CI INTERNATIONAL GROUP is a company with more than 50 years of experience in civil and public construction, real estate development and refurbishment of buildings in Spain
Who are our customers?
International and national entrepreneurs who look for new spaces to expand their business
Investors looking to participate in safe values such as real estate development or commercial promotion
Building owners wanting to refurbish properties to guarantee the value of their estate
The Company
CI INTERNATIONAL GROUP wishes to participate in the construction of a responsible urban environment with the capacity to generate wealth for everyone, for those who invest, for those who work professionally with CI INTERNATIONAL GROUP and for those who enjoy ownership.

Our goal is to continue being leading providers for investors and entrepreneurs who are looking for a trusted constructor group to collaborate with them and grow their estate.

In CI INTERNATIONAL GROUP we work guided by the following values:


We strive to meet the expectations of our clients, being aware of commitments agreed and the importance of trust from clients and the professionals involved.


It is a very precious asset, which is very difficult to achieve and even more difficult to keep. We take care of the confidence placed by our clients in our business through transparency and sincerity.


Experience gained has enabled us to identify possible difficulties before they arise, quickly face unforeseen events and always provide solutions and avoid problems.


We are aware of the value represented by our clients’ properties, often associated with years of work and savings. We recommend strategies and actions to guarantee its future value.

Do you want to grow your business with new spaces?

In CI INTERNATIONAL GROUP we help you locate the industrial, office or commercial space that meets the needs of your expansion project. Thanks to our contacts and years of experience we are able to find what you need.

Looking for a safe value for your investments?

We offer projects for investors who want a safe value for their money. In particular, proposals of urban development and refurbishment of commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Do you want integrity in refurbishment?

Refurbishing of ancient and historical buildings.

We project, process and carry out adaptations of commercial, logistical and industrial spaces. They are turnkey projects, in which clients are constantly informed of the evolution of the works.

We are proud of our work and the confidence that many clients have placed in us. We have helped them grow their business and their estate and refurbish their property.

We thank them all.

Adaptation of commercial or industrial spaces
Refurbishment of ancient and historical buildings

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